we all know that the choice of businesses engaged in the dessert market, is a very business choice. How about dimples? Is a very popular choice of desserts to join the project. The first step in the success of the business, is to choose from the beginning of the dimple dessert. So, are you ready?

before doing dessert, he had to do a bit of clothing business, but eventually ended up losing money. Tens of thousands of dollars to their stubborn only looked at the hands of province still refused to give up hope, and then friends and relatives borrowed some, ready to look at other industries can do fanben. The two venture I learned through the last failure, more and more feel that it is necessary to discuss with their families. Finally, my family and I together to do some market investigation and analysis, finally find Hongkong dessert these years in the mainland market more and more, and in the choice of dessert brand by the Kung Fu, my family and I have decided to do dessert stores dimple.

although dessert aspects of their own and do not have much business experience, but the ability to accumulate their own learning is quite strong. In addition, with the help of my parents, I feel that this is indeed the first time I have to do more than a person. In addition to these, I am very pleased that the choice of dessert industry did not choose the wrong, because the store opened not long, I felt the development potential of Hongkong dessert industry in the mainland food market is huge. It is seen that the stock can be potential, I think during the trial operation should be preferential increase, so do some special store only during the trial operation before the half off gift card, but it really gave me the opening brought a large part of the passenger flow. Originally wanted to put the half off card activities to engage in three days, but because of the great success of the event, the time of the final offer to push for a period of two days, equal to the actual number of days for the activity of five days.

has a good start, does not mean success, he is very clear that this is only the first step. However, through the opening of the five day activities, the store is still very effective for their own to win a certain reputation, which makes them have a greater motivation. The next time I asked the shop owners. The quality of products, have carried out a small smile service a half day training for every recruit staff, and told the store every employee, headquarters is used "dimple" name, in fact is to build a service with a smile of the corporate culture, and this to all the people at work are dimples dessert show their beauty.

in addition to their own efforts, dimple headquarters also attaches great importance to dessert stores operating conditions, and the headquarters will teach us stores some methods and experience to help our business, such as how to better do with management, VIP customers shop decoration design style selection and so on, these business experience also make their own in the business the road go more smoothly.


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