some shops just take into account the new idea, so in the name of the shop will use some very complex text, seemingly only to give consumers a relatively deep impression. However, the shop not only need to name, but also the need to make signs, if too complicated words, making signs, the aesthetic nature will be affected. Therefore, the name of the restaurant also need to consider the signs look good.


name is the symbol of the restaurant. In did not see a person, people often subconsciously by name of the people be strangers to each other for a preliminary judgment, this is the name of a subtle role. A restaurant style, positioning is often from the name started, although not absolute, but sometimes, the name from the outset determines the future success of this restaurant.

the past people often asked Mr. Feng Shui to name for his firm, virtually give names a mystery, but through experience and accumulation, the name of the design and the shaping of success, in addition to the related inspiration, more should comply with certain rules. Name design has become a learning, a good name at the minimum requirements are: good, good, good, good sense.

if your friend recommends a restaurant to you, say, "Hey, I ate a restaurant yesterday, it was nice and the service was good. Maybe it’s new.". What restaurant called ying." What "Ying"? "I don’t know……" This is not the introduction of people feel a fly in the ointment? What is good, but others can not say what the name of a good restaurant.

everyone in the world knows the word, which determines the ability of each person to be more or less able to do different levels of publicity for your restaurant. If the name of your restaurant with unusual words, people can not read, remember, it is difficult to impress people, even to the alienation and estrangement, so how to set up the image of the restaurant?

reality, a lot of words too many strokes, often difficult to write and difficult to recognize. If the small vessel name printed on the cutlery or restaurants, more character strokes are difficult to eye-catching. Even on the sign, too many restaurants, it is difficult to identify from a distance, it will lose some of the potential guests, especially the car looking for restaurant customers. If you want to see the name of the restaurant to the nearest, according to incomplete statistics, in this case will be very few people patronize this restaurant, but to eat elsewhere.

in the restaurant’s name, the word is also relatively easy to moderate stroke design aesthetic effect, the modern society is a exquisite design and beautiful environment, with a beautiful appearance and is suitable for the restaurant, can cause the attention of customers, deepen the impression, but also not too fancy, making it difficult to identify this. Do the opposite.

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