Two shops in the same

, if a shop owner is smiling, warm and thoughtful, while a shop owner is cold, I think, to the customer indifferent, even if commodity prices almost, almost, business is good or bad is probably the immediate. Therefore, the shop to do business to be warm and thoughtful service, which has become the consensus of the retail industry.

however, there will always be some shopkeepers, still go its own way, not to treat customers with warm and thoughtful, with due respect, but indifference, deadpan, even showing a contemptuous disregard, taunt face. These are the shop to do business is taboo, shop business is not good, one of the main causes of the recession. Good service has a positive impact on the profitability of the business.

is playing an important role in winning customers and promoting sales under the pressure of management and competition. To provide customers with high quality and thoughtful service, the real service to do the customer’s heart, with the service to gather popularity, with services to promote sales, is the magic weapon of the retail industry.

most people have experienced the experience of being badly served by shopkeepers. Two homogeneous stores consumption, the same price, quality, environment, almost is almost one of the boss and staff is always smiling, full of youthful spirit, warm greeting, the atmosphere is like home, so that the process of consumer services, more than the original customer to store consumer expectations, customer loss probability will be greatly reduced. On the contrary, poor service attitude, so that consumers do not meet the expectations of the store, the business will be difficult to prosper.

so, if your business is not good, ask yourself: what is your attitude towards service? Sincerely? Credible? Be neither humble nor pushy? Really do the customer as God? After sales service to do? This is a very important point, only sincerely treat each customer, your business can do better.

how can we abandon the neglect of the customer, the attitude of the bad habits, with a sincere heart to face the customer, so as to win the trust of customers, so that their business is getting better and better?

a passion for customer service. Sincerely treat every consumer into the store, in the final analysis is the "smiling hospitality hospitality, courteous and civilized" the words, this is the embodiment of a business to business and consumer attitude of a kind of respect. In the daily operation, to use their own smile to the customer to leave a good impression, so as to impress customers, so that they take the initiative to buy our goods. Smile is a kind of happy mood response, but also a manifestation of human self-restraint. Smile can bring business opportunities and profits.

two to do the same. When customers come into your store, the most annoying thing is getting worse

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