1 yuan shop, then there is still a certain profit space, because the bulk of large, cost reduction, coupled with the reduction of a lot of intermediate links, so open a 1 yuan store is still feasible to a large extent. But be sure to operate reasonably oh!

1, location:   for 1 yuan, 2 yuan monthly income of 10000 yuan shop is possible, but the premise must be a good port city where high traffic business district. If you choose the school near the bus station next to the residential area and other point of the city I can not sell thousand, this is a fact. City mouth bad place, even if the rent is not cheap to consider.

2: a small thing to purchase price and fashion style. Ensure that you sell out, things can go to Yiwu small commodity wholesale city there for you ~ ~ one yuan. Two shops for goods or train ~ ~ and Alibaba parity check, the company specializes in direct marketing accessories. Will teach you how to location, marketing, logistics, distribution services. As far as I know operators have more than 2000 yuan turnover per day.

3, cost: a good investment in the city to have a certain economic strength, the rent is certainly expensive, this need not I say we all know. And at least 1 years to recover the cost of the house rent and decoration spent, basically only second years before they can really make money. Do some small advertising is also a certain amount of money.

4   , promotion: in the off-season period, advertising play again, no matter how good decoration, decoration and diversification, can not be thousand. But the peak season will be more than ten thousand dollars, which is the truth, so businesses are most worried about is the off-season, the taste is not good ah. I suggest you do membership, so as to cultivate a loyal group of customers.

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