chain, now for the people some simple entrepreneurship is quotidian, but this is to pay attention to methods, not blindly join is able to easily get success. Here are some of the "traps" that will hold you back and become a stumbling block to your success.

A, motivation biased

The best

many failure cases from abroad can be seen, the most important reason for failure or biased motivation. Once you join, you can lie down and do nothing, all by the headquarters to manage. Chain headquarters is a number of successful operating experience in his office, but in his office by others (headquarters and joined the store owner) successful example, does not mean that the local business will be successful by you and headquarters. Must keep in mind that the headquarters and the stores are two completely different business units, headquarters (Sales) for you, just a join operation combination, you must be in accordance with its experience and guidance, follow the prescribed order and practical to carry out, can be successful.

two, when joining funds scheduling.

No detailed investigation of

this kind of failure is not in the minority. Some of those who joined the chain headquarters will not know clearly, always thought to join the first say, after a problem, the headquarters will come forward to help solve. After the results of the shop, the headquarters of any business guidance is not, there is no contact with the headquarters of the difficulty has not heard, it was found fooled. Specifically, there are the following types:

the lack of basic knowledge of the franchise chain. Because there is no knowledge of this, just in the relevant newspapers and magazines to see the ad, call over

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