as long as it is doing business, operating a variety of kind, basically will encounter a variety of losses. For any one operator, if you want to make the business is hot, also needs to be related to the loss prevention and reducing consumption. And in business, retail store more energy in security problems, which restrict the improvement of profitability. According to the management of their own experience, I think the loss prevention and energy saving throughout each business link, that is to always energy security.

good purchase pass

purchase is the first link in the retail business. For retail stores, it is possible to purchase every day. Therefore, to security consumption, we should be good at.

one is in the procurement of goods, and agents and manufacturers must be negotiated or returned goods matters, including the quality of the goods returned, how to deal with the overdue goods. If agents or manufacturers do not return the goods, then the loss arising from the operation of our own commitment.

two is to ensure the quality of the goods. Delivery personnel door-to-door, we have to carefully check the goods, mainly to see whether the product expired, whether it is squeezed, whether it is a regular factory production, etc.. If we fail to discover the problems of the goods, we will often suffer. At the same time, do not arbitrarily buy, sell goods on behalf of. Especially the cigarette, purchase, sell not only illegal, but it is easy to make cigarettes in the shop.

three is a small ticket to check delivery. Delivery personnel will be delivered door-to-door with a small ticket, there are types of goods, quantity, unit price, total price, etc.. In the acceptance of goods, we must carefully check the data on the small ticket. If the data on the small ticket is found to be inconsistent with the actual situation, the delivery personnel should be informed immediately.

strengthen routine management of


It is very important for

to store the goods in the store.

one is easy to expire, deterioration of goods, such as milk, bread, etc., to put them in a prominent position in the store, or on the counter. This can promote the flow of goods, to avoid deterioration due to slow-moving and loss.

two is a number of fragile goods, such as wine, cans, bowls, bottles, etc., put on the wall or put on a little higher places, you can also set the counter placed. When you take the goods to the customer, do it gently. In addition, we can also be posted in the fragile goods fragile goods handle with care tips.

three is a regular inspection of the goods, in order to prevent some customers will be high priced goods into the low price of goods in the box to buy.

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