in fact, small entrepreneurial choice to join the storm Zhuang project, no doubt, is a very business opportunities, with the strength of choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, small business optimization. In fact, join the storm Zhuang project, open a storm of their own village franchise, is a very choice of business is not it?

storm village franchise features a good brand, big market

what to do this year to make money? Storm Zhuang restaurant to join the shop as the biggest feature of the river is a very strong martial arts culture. In cooking, the technique is like the bold and unconstrained bold and unconstrained, the material used to be like the rivers and lakes of the people who laugh at the rivers and lakes, like the sea, with the times. This year what can earn? Today’s storm Johnston restaurant, not only from the roadside village and village shop, fisherman and hand, but by the restaurant chefs Fengbo company to inherit and carry forward the innovation and.

Since the

from April 28, 2000 the first martial arts has characteristics of the food chain, Fengbo stores opening, one specializing in Anhui cuisine restaurant arena arena, one after another surfaced, and by the consumer recognition and pursuit. This year what can earn? Storm with the Anhui City Restaurant Zhuang internationalization and the continuous progress, will continue to play their own "enjoyment of life, eclectic, compound seasoning, cooking material north south, North South cooking materials" unique style dishes, in the food and beverage market competition, Fengbo franchise projects to better demonstrate their "no" no restraint "and material weakness of the arena style.

storm village franchise features two, unique, innovative, nutrition

1.: this year what can earn? Fengbo restaurant with unique flavor, heavy color is different from the cuisine, but also different from the spicy Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine is also different from the light, but melt Huitong Zichengyijia. From generation to generation, the product of the same strain, more consistent with the atmosphere of martial arts culture, can be said to be the best combination of food and environment, the two complement each other, complement each other.

2. Innovation: this year what can earn? Fengbo restaurant pass ancient private delicacy, melting the Millennium martial spirit, with a few The Legendary Swordsman, daoqiangjianji zongduo and Fenduo daily table over taiwan. Many fans have a few Gourmet culture of martial arts with friends of friends call to drink wine to taste the secret hero, the characteristics of private food, the enjoyment of life wine swordfight, enmity, touch to raise.

3. nutrition: Storm Zhuang restaurant food rich nutrition, contains a variety of nutrients, plays an important role in food calcium, with anti-aging, physical beauty, spleen and stomach health care.

unique brand to join the project selection, has always been very choice of business

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