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"understanding" the two word is a prelude to the market to investigate the real information is to obtain first-hand information and find the market entry point of the basic work. The pattern of the business and the status quo is a complete system, has been recognized by the market and gradually in the renewal and expansion of the state. How can we understand the real information in the industry? This is the first question that every investor in the market survey. The results of this survey may be obtained from different channels and data, it may be from their own observation and analysis of the industry to understand, no matter what kind of situation has its very different results. Distortion of the results of the investigation will lead to the wrong decision, will eventually lead to the loss of investment.

The pattern and the status of

this one, we need to see two Dujuhuiyan market, one is the type of market, the other is the invisible market. In order to keep and steadily follow up of the project put into operation, we generally will be the intangible market capacity only fifteen percent of the estimated set or directly without considering; tangible market capacity is the effective factors of brand, price and promotion of the linkage to correspondence analysis, then the local culture, consumption habits and customs. From this kind of information about the exploration of root search the source for investment, the city and for planning, time for promotion, for the CIS world share interests, is the key to the drama of "class".

The analysis of dynamic

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