this is a legend of the character, the age has become the owner of billions of assets. A 26 year old young man founded the company, a year’s profit of tens of millions of dollars! He helped players improve the speed of online games, so that 20 million people become his paying users! This little-known company, has access to the joint investment of four domestic investment institutions, the total will reach $100 million!

netizen alliance founded

tens of millions of profits last year

because of network game familiar, they quickly discovered the "online accelerated" in this huge market. From 2005 to enter this field up to now, fast swim accelerator occupies 60% of the domestic online game share, the player has become a user of about 20000000. At present, the accelerator has been used to market 90% online games, such as World of Warcraft, Dungeon Fighter Online, JX three.

our company’s profit model is very simple: download the accelerator to the computer game player on probation for a period of time, and then pay to use. Although refused to disclose the specific amount of earnings, but Yuan Xu admitted last year’s level of profitability in the tens of millions of dollars. In the first quarter of this year, earnings significantly exceeded expectations." His online accelerator is simply a suction gold".

injection mechanismThe first arrival

membership Yingchuang power hi tech Vc firms, high-tech venture responsible person said, the value of fast travel, is because the company’s profit is very high, and the huge market space. The investment is equity investment, four institutions will occupy about 20% of the fast track equity.

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