potato powder is a kind of snack food China Han unique, it is a kind of folk snacks inherited from the Ming Dynasty, the development has been a very common food items, cute. So what are the items in the potato powder market. Xiao Bian recommend flour noodles for you. Powder love noodles specializing in potato powder potato powder research, has a professional production experience, all products are very delicious, then flour flour potato flour is how much?.

flour flour noodles join fee is how much

join fee: 20 thousand

margin: 10 thousand

brand usage fee: 20 thousand

management fee: 10 thousand

usually join, you can enjoy the following advantages:

, a product advantage: love is the potato powder powder industry number more than 10 years of professional chain crafted, adhering to the "taste of heaven, taste talk" and the concept of the most outstanding companies to jointly develop the delicious noodles for the brand core competitiveness of the market mainstream products, from a domestic product development, procurement, production, sales, customer service as one of the largest potato flour chain supply management system.

two, the standardization of the advantages: flour noodles standardization system makes the production process standardization, process. The use of standardized equipment, the operation process is simple, simple operation, you can guarantee the unity of taste.

three, the package material formula advantages: international fast food industry general, potato flour industry’s most advanced composite material package solid material package, a bowl of a package, not by the chef cook, avoid to waste, and greatly reduce the manpower cost.

four, the market competitive advantage: the area of buyout authorized operation, to avoid vicious competition, allowing you to enjoy the wealth of the party.

five, try to give priority to the advantages of the store: a nationwide priority to open stores try to let you no longer feel the stones across the river, to become the market’s experimental products. The perfect training support system can help you to master the mature experience and skills quickly and effectively, and improve the success rate of the franchisee.

six, service advantage: over 10 years experience of a senior regional director to provide a free onsite assistance location, decoration design, management, personnel training, the door opened, the system of financial management, product development and promotion of a series of extensive support and protection, and let the Au not only in starting to worry in the future, more restaurant development, win in details and execution.

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