before the start, we have to analyze the market. 2016 overall market outlook is good, of course, in order to succeed in business in 2016, or to find a reliable project. So, today Xiaobian to introduce a few good projects in 2016.

2016 good business projects recommended: small green hotel

2016 venture good project recommendation: low calorie snacks

2016 entrepreneurial market outlook is still good, low calorie snacks investment is very profitable. Low calorie food flagship health, convenient route to the advantage of a variety of snacks, and even with the role of food. Mainly engaged in varieties of brown rice and brown rice cake shop with volume, jerky, Green Tea cake, dietary fiber, fruit slices, collagen powder, meal soup and other snacks, suitable for different tastes of people.

2016 business project a good recommendation: "balloon ball" gift

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