once started a business, in our traditional saying there is no doubt that is stained with the "copper odor", but this is very different from the culture. But Zhang Hongdong has used his own business to show that people can also become a retail store to open a cultural person!

in the eyes of ordinary people, the shop to engage in business and culture is almost nothing. Shop business, talking about real money, and a far cry from the air. But Zhang Hongdong in the business, but the store has been packaged into a cultural place, not only to enjoy the shopping process, but also to learn a lot of knowledge, opened his eyes, but also won a lot of repeat customers".

Zhang Hongdong grew up in calligraphy, after graduating from high school took his father opened a small shop. But this hobby has not dropped, in order to facilitate the usual practice, Zhang Hongdong in the shop provides a corner as an exercise place, meet on the two to nothing. If it had written the words to write, he hung in the stores, Xiaodaxiaonao in calligraphy contest also had a lot of small prize.

Zhang Hongdong love calligraphy has gradually spread fame around, usually there are many shop to sit all have a common hobby friends, really gives people a feeling of "with no Baizheng". To say with the cultural packing shop, highlight the personality characteristics, but also from the market competition, in order to retain customers, Zhang Hongdong thought of his shop with specialty packaging ways.

walks into Zhang Hongdong’s shop and you seem to have entered the world of calligraphy. The store’s price tag is filled in by hand, a small price tag, is a perfect calligraphy works, posters in the shop, but also a pure manual writing. The book, cursive, special words, the dress is elegant Shop gas espresso.

walks into Zhang Hongdong’s shop and you can learn. For example, when I interviewed, at this time, when the Mid Autumn Festival, advertising support in the aisle inside the mouth of the door, Zhang Hongdong using a pen to write on the origin and customs of the Mid Autumn Festival calligraphy works, make people not only learn knowledge, but also enjoy the beauty of.

is precisely because of this hobby, Zhang Hongdong in the surrounding retail household is very famous, not far from his shop to the students in the school, there is a lot of admiring, one hand to buy goods, one hand to appreciate his works of calligraphy, and now the boss Zhang also more busy, usually busy, not only the business of the shop, nothing will be the community, please go to school busy awy, pass precious knowledge to others, really busy to find the feeling.

shop in the current era, if there is no certain characteristics, in fact, there is no way to attract more customers, let alone the store business is very good business. So, if you can let the store’s cultural atmosphere is more intense, no doubt can let the shop >

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