Howard for some specific problems greatly fragrant chicken joined, many franchisees are not very clear, so bring a lot of obstacles for many investors to join, so small as we set out the following simple details to join. Hope to help investors.

Howard is greatly fragrant chicken joined the condition:

1, to be honest, hard-working, positive, happy outlook on life.

2, the need for employees to join the cause of sustainable business objectives.

3, at least 18 years of age, men and women do not, good health, good reputation in the local.

4, how much money to do business how many business ideas.

5, need to accept education and training headquarters and the courage to face the challenge of self ability and execution.

is Hao greatly fried chicken steak join cost:

join fee: 40 thousand yuan / store management fee: $24 thousand / year margin: 20 thousand yuan / store

is Hao greatly fragrant chicken joined support:

1, regional support: agent headquarters will be strictly in accordance with the regional agency system, to ensure that agents do not worry about the operation of the local market. Each bar code corresponding to the different additional market, the implementation of a policy of additional code, resolutely stop the Chuanhuo, down goods.

2, market support: agent headquarters will be in accordance with the local market conditions to assist agents to develop the appropriate market operation plan, targeted to develop the market, the market to do a good job of import.

3, price support: agent headquarters will implement a unified national price, the development of the appropriate agent price, distribution price, price, buy price, to ensure the smooth and reasonable price chain.

4, advertising support: during the agents in the first purchase, agent headquarters sent Market Commissioner to the local market agents advertising media site visits, and agents to develop targeted advertising plans (including local television ads bus body advertising delivery work).

5, personnel support: agent headquarters will be based on different market conditions, formulate the corresponding plan, the company’s business staff to cooperate with agents to develop the market.

6, the kind of support: agent headquarters will be free to provide product display counters, promotional materials, Rong

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