real estate, has been the concern of everyone! Will see, look at the doorway, will not see, watch the fun! For the sluggish state of the previous real estate, resulting in some areas of serious inventory. So, how to let Panzhihua commercial housing inventory?

6 12, the municipal government office issued a notice to promote the transformation of dilapidated shanty towns in Panzhihua and promote the healthy and stable development of real estate notice. Opinions pointed out that the adjustment of the scope of individual housing subsidies to encourage rural residents into the city, continue to increase the intensity of the city’s commercial housing inventory, and promote stable and healthy development of the real estate industry.

it is understood that the city’s real estate development last year, the new deal has expired in May 12th this year. This year, the city continues to introduce policies to promote the transformation of dilapidated shantytowns and promote the healthy and stable development of real estate implementation opinions, increase the intensity of commercial housing inventory.

adjust the scope of personal purchase subsidies. Only subsidies for the development of enterprises from the hands of the new purchase of ordinary commercial housing, no subsidies for second-hand housing; housing prices let the government guide, will build a real estate supermarket, set the service platform, the real estate enterprises to give the real estate buyers, 100 yuan / square meter concessions, the development of enterprises in funds to handle network to sign the record, by the the Housing Department directly from the enterprise pre-sale regulatory capital account allocated to housing subsidies accounts, together with the payment of housing subsidies in the.

encourage rural residents (including the city, the field) into the house. Purchase of rural residents, in the enjoyment of government subsidies and housing prices 100 yuan / square meter on the basis of the purchase of concessions, in addition to the installation fee of $3000 per household 5%.

reduce housing transaction taxes and fees. The only family housing, 90 square meters of the following taxes levied by the above, more than 90 square meters by the Levy of the following; the improvement of the housing units of the group, the following 90 square meters of the deed tax levied by more than 90 square meters by the imposition of a tax of 2% by the end of the year by the end of the year of 1% yuan, or more than $1.5%, or more than $1%.

real estate development projects to pay the urban infrastructure supporting fees, in the process of construction permits to pay 50%, before the completion of the acceptance of the record and file approval to pay 50%, exempt from the underground part of the city supporting fees.

through the above introduction, I believe that small partners and small series, for Panzhihua to allow commercial housing inventory plan, has been clear in mind! What do you think of this? What do you think will be the effect of these policies? We wait and see!

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