Chinese location, one summer, most areas are required to use the mat, so the whole mat natural market is more and more broad, but also the birth of many brands, including some very high visibility of the brand. Here, let Xiaobian for everyone secret mat joined the top ten brands, so as to give investors a better guide, so that they can choose to join the hearts of the brand satisfaction.

summer and pave the way for the cool mat or mat. Bedding. There are two kinds of straw and bamboo. The dyed bamboo and grass color woven mat decorated with patterns. People known as the "bow mat". For summer. Bamboo fiber mat is made clean (Hainan mountain area) in the natural environment, 3-4 new natural bamboo, cooking and other physical methods used produced.

joined the ten mat brand rankings: No.1 Huang Gulin (Zhejiang time-honored, well-known firms in Zhejiang Province, craft mat ten brands, with the country’s first straw Museum, Zhejiang Huang Gu Lin bedding Co. Ltd.)

joined the ten mat brand rankings: open No.2 Kaseen (a famous brand in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang province famous brand products, straw products focus on export-oriented enterprises, its products manufacturing Ningbo kaseen Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.)

joined the ten mat brand rankings: No.3 seats (old carpenter began in 1993, professional research / production of bamboo and rattan grass hemp fiber textile and Home Furnishing supplies industry one of the high-tech enterprises, Ningbo Huaye Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.)

joined the ten mat brand rankings: No.4 MERCURY (mercury home textiles in 1987, Shanghai famous brand, domestic home textiles and formed earlier involved in the brand advantage of large textile enterprises, Shanghai mercury home textiles Limited by Share Ltd)

joined the ten mat brand rankings: No.5 Huasheng (founded in 1990, the famous brand of Zhejiang Province, straw products industry standard drafting unit, Home Furnishing cool summer industry leader, Ningbo Huabei Weaving Co., Ltd.)

joined the ten mat brand rankings: No.6 LUOLAI (Shanghai city Roley textile brand, European style, classical style of the brand positioning, the domestic textile fashion trendsetter, large integrated textile enterprises, Polytron Technologies Inc


joined the ten mat brand rankings: No.7 Dynasty (with strong comprehensive strength Home Furnishing enterprises, ten brands specializing in mat, household appliances enterprises, Shanghai home decoration Co. Ltd Dinah silk peduncle)

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