steamed stuffed bun to join the selection of the project selection of well-known brands, Xiao Bian here for you to recommend early Yang baozi shop. Want to join the early Yang steamed stuffed bun shop what conditions? How much is the joining fee? The following specific solutions.

early steamed stuffed bun shop conditions:

1, agree with the early Yang steamed stuffed bun to join the chain of enterprise culture, trust early Yang steamed stuffed bun brand, is willing to engage in the service industry management.

2, with a certain degree of independent management experience, willing to deal with day-to-day operations in accordance with the requirements of the company.

3, willing to obey the early Yang steamed stuffed bun in the tube, no crime and bankruptcy records.

4, the customer is determined to join the intention to fill in the relevant information and submit documents for qualification examination.

5, provide "early Yang steamed stuffed bun to join the intention of the basic information table", to provide the "virtual stores to join the property conditions audit form" and the original identity card, a copy.

6, provide early Yang steamed stuffed bun to join the store rental agreement and a copy of the real estate license and the copy.

7, such as housing tenants and the franchisee is not the same, but also to provide the lessee’s identity card and identity card original.

early Yang steamed bun shop join fee:

join fee: 10 thousand yuan; margin: $30 thousand; shop decoration: 30 thousand yuan; kitchen equipment: $20 thousand; shop advertising: $13 thousand and 500; personnel training: 1 thousand yuan; marketing promotion: $2 thousand; others: $1 thousand and 500.

if you have anything else that is not clear, you can leave a message below our website.

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