to open a lingerie store or we need to carefully manage and take care of, rely on is the heart of business, take a look at the following need to pay attention to a few problems.

a lingerie store business: how to choose a good brand and appropriate shop location

mature high-grade underwear brand general store as the main sales channels, in order to ensure the operation of the center and supply them to the store discounts are usually relatively high, relatively thin profit margins. And the market will inevitably affect the regular store sales. Therefore, the middle and lower brands are more suitable for the sale of the store, moderate price, profit margins are relatively large. And low-end brand shopping malls are generally relatively weak, vulnerable to price shocks.

two, lingerie business franchise: how to deal with the fierce competition and choose the right guide

now sell underwear in the fast fish eats the slow, strong eat the weak situation. Since the female underwear shop investment threshold is relatively low, to some extent caused by the repeated investment of small individual and private lingerie store and vicious competition, resulting in the lingerie store competition, poor operating conditions. Therefore, the investment should not only see the women’s underwear store market, prudent investment, but also have a strong psychological endurance and ability to control the market. In addition, in the fierce competition in the market, the price war continues, a series of exaggeration, crazy discounts, makes some of the original has a certain level of mid-range brand, become pushed floats peddle "daluhuo". The increasingly "discount" may cash inventory, clear rejection inventory, but the result is that brands get some money, as the owner but you may not profit in the local market, several years of painstaking efforts will be wasted.

underwear because its privacy so it is very special, good shopping guide is related with the turnover. Experienced guide to meet customers will be able to determine their cup size, give customers accurate advice. The age of the best shopping guide between 28 to 40 years old, too young girls recommend underwear will make people feel that the lack of authority. And as a close fitting dress, even if the size

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