market continues to improve the development of a more healthy market environment. Some time ago, there are a lot of private institutions in the new three board listing, to some extent, disrupted the order of the market, the introduction of the new policy, effective containment of private institutions in the new three board listing behavior.

has been listed private institutions

or face rectification

day before, the national share transfer system issued a "notice on the matters listed on the financial enterprises financing". Which specifically refers to the private equity fund management institutions new listing must meet 8 conditions, and a clear listing of other enterprises with financial attributes may not be used way to do the transfer market, but in the "notice" issued before the exception of the transfer market making way.

above the new listing conditions after the release, the industry said that the future of private institutions to be listed in the new board will be very difficult. Such as "venture capital private institution in the recent 3 years the average annual paid more than 2 billion yuan in the scale of asset management, private equity institutions in recent 3 years the average annual paid in the scale of asset management in 5 billion yuan of above two threshold can also be small private institutions most excluded. According to private equity exchange APP information shows that the proportion of private equity investment institutions in more than 5 billion of only about 3.45%.

these eight conditions, "there is no issue to fund share subscription of private sector shares or stock listing before the situation", "raise funds there is no investment in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange two market shares of listed companies and private securities fund, but investment in the listed shares except for passive requirements that has caused the concern of the industry, the conversion of fund shares and market in two frequent placards, made some large private institutions have been listed on the controversial.

in addition, at present already listed but not with the new private institutions listed conditions, shares of the company for 1 years of self-examination, deadline for rectification, overdue rectification or rectification still does not meet the requirements, will be delisted.

card Hang Seng said, private equity will usher in the "Yue Longmen" stage in the new provisions of the new board, "this is a watershed period, private equity giant will rise, Heng Qiang strong."

it is understood that the new board has listed private equity institutions covering and securities investment of more than and 20, including Jiuding investment, investment in the division, Zhejiang venture, Silicon Valley paradise, Cowin, Akashi ChinaEquity, thinking innovation, investment, capital investment, sky map bridge.

30 a number of private institutions

wait admission

waiting for recommendation

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