a good product if it is very popular after the launch of the people, with its own usefulness will produce value, as long as it can provide services for people to invest. Water purifier with its uniqueness for people to bring health and pollution-free drinking water, here to learn more about it.

– water pollution: if future water pollution had a hard time to improve, so will the product becomes more and more obvious. According to the national environment department, 82% of the rivers in China are polluted in different degree, and the river section of the urban water area is not suitable for drinking water source, and about 50% of the city’s groundwater is polluted by 78%. With the rapid development of modern industry, water is being polluted by chemical substances such as benzene, phenol and other organic pollutants in industrial wastewater, automobile exhaust, pesticide, petrochemical industry and so on.

Two pollution – tap water

water pipe: with sewage discharge, the use of modern city in tap water is not safe, it will cause adverse effects on the human body. Tap water factory, after a long water pipe network building and water tower and water tank and other facilities, contact many pollutants, such as rust, dirt and bacteria, they are extremely complex interactions to generate many toxic and carcinogenic substances.

the city all aspects of life will cause water pollution, and this situation is more serious, related derivative products, the greater the value of. City high-rise buildings, water tanks, cleaning and maintenance of water shortage, it is not safe to drink directly. According to the Chinese Academy of preventive medicine, environmental health monitoring showed that China’s 35 major cities drinking water compliance rate was only 23%.

for aspiring to join the investment of the water purifier can be friends, through the detailed understanding, want to join the investment of a project must be aware of it, so that we can successfully open a franchise, to avoid the poineering road bumps.


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