food market, always very popular, with business opportunities. Small business choice to invest in good German food? A good project to start a good business. Easy to learn to get started quickly, headquarters to provide a lot of support to join. How to join the good German food? Worth joining!

good German food? Good delicacy is a modern people cultural theme restaurant brands, was born in the city of Xianyang, in 2005 the company headquarters moved to Xi’an, was registered in Xi’an good German culture catering Management Limited, the registered capital of 5 million yuan, is a collection of catering services, logistics, food research and development, production, processing and sales of enterprise management consulting as a whole the comprehensive modern catering enterprises. The company has branches: agent stores, the central kitchen, good German tea bar, Xi’an good German Modern Agricultural Ecological Food Co., Ltd., Xi’an state Zhen Wine Co., ltd..

good German food? Good delicacy has become a famous food brand in the area, in the country the successful agency set up more than and 30 stores (Xi’an, Xianyang, Yangling, Weinan, Gansu, Henan, Beijing, Guangdong), where he could set off a storm in the local delicacy, has a total area of over 12000 square meters, to provide a high quality service for many consumers, have high visibility and reputation.

good German food? Good delicacy heritage the essence of Chinese traditional culture catering for thousands of years, while meeting Kyushu flavor, set 100 long, the food production of sophisticated technology, especially with thousands of years of cultural accumulation of the Chinese food: Pasta pillar as the main characteristics, at the same time and the steaming bowl dish, Shaanxi, Kawa No, director of the exquisite dishes. Every kind of painstaking research, excellence, are all top grade. At the same time, after years of continuous exploration and innovation, good people always strive for excellence in business philosophy and the characteristics of food culture, has always been to "people’s lives, people with good virtue" for business purposes, shaping the distinctive style of eating and the success of the enterprise brand.

healthy diet, is the goal of our business. So, to choose to join the good German food? Open a good German food franchise stores, the market advantage is good, business without trouble. Very powerful brand, the best choice to be trusted!

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