with the public business, put forward the innovation "slogan, in the life of entrepreneurship has become the choice of more people, but a person wants to do poineering work successfully, cannot do without background also cannot do without the support of the local authorities. The office of the provincial government recently issued a "pioneering Sichuan action plan (2016 – 2020)", the "Sichuan entrepreneurial action" for the overall development of the real economy, closely docking, the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship "seven action" in 2020 to build Sichuan into a global impact force of the center for innovation and innovative entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs highland.

according to the "plan" to 2020, the province will initially build innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem open, efficient, full of vitality, promote the formation of innovation resources, innovation factor aggregation, multi subject, professional services business incubator, entrepreneurial activity, all types of business subject the joint development of new pattern of public innovation. To this end, the province will implement the main business incubator entrepreneurial talent incentive action, action, action, innovation and vitality release the transfer of scientific and technological achievements into action and innovation financial support action, innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration action, entrepreneurial innovation and entrepreneurship "branding action seven action".

in the construction of entrepreneurial carrier, the province will be built by the government, private construction, enterprise self built, idle reconstruction and other models to promote the province’s general construction of science and technology business incubators. By 2020, the province’s 200 new public space. Encourage social capital to set up technology incubator fund to explore the development of a number of mixed ownership incubator.

talent is the main body of innovation and entrepreneurship, the province will actively explore the expansion of colleges and universities, research institutes, the use of autonomy, to better stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of researchers. Planning and construction of overseas high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship Park, support overseas high-level talents to Sichuan innovation and entrepreneurship. To carry out entrepreneurial university construction pilot to explore the learning + entrepreneurship mentor training mode.

deepen innovation vitality, the key in the reform. Our province will promote the 42 research institutes and 30 universities to carry out reform and innovation pilot, explore the universities to the chief, and promote the development of mixed ownership in Central Sichuan unit results in situ conversion of new policies and new mechanism. Chengdemian region to support the construction of colleges and universities university science and Technology Park, and around the support of the University jointly set up industrial park, industrial technology research institute.

to promote innovation as the core of entrepreneurship and employment, can not be separated from the transfer of scientific and technological achievements. The province will implement a new generation of information technology, rail transportation equipment, bio medicine and other 15 scientific and technological achievements transfer special. Promote the title of scientific and technological achievements ownership mixed ownership reform, improve the quality and efficiency of scientific and technological achievements in supply. Accelerate the construction of the National Center for technology transfer (southwest).

innovation and entrepreneurship in Sichuan

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