2013 is a year full of opportunities and challenges, many people want to start their own business to reach the pinnacle of life. So, what are the 13 industry more reliable? Which industries are more suitable for investment? Please go along with Xiao Bian into this question!

1, WeChat services, not long ago, the Tencent officially announced that WeChat users exceeded 300 million, the day before, a new message that WeChat users have reached 400 million subscribers!

2, tourism e-commerce, China Tourism Research Institute released in 2012 the annual total number of tourist reception 3 billion people, total tourism revenue of about $2 trillion and 500 billion. The development of China’s tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in all industries.

3, environmental coatings industry, China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of the paint industry, with the world’s fastest growth rate. All are still residents to improve their living life and be busy at putting up installations, the living environment is quite common, second-hand housing renovation market scale, paint industry, a good prospect, especially in environmental protection coating industry, environmental protection has become a global issue today, consumers of green paint favor and promote the development of the industry; and choose to join in the model. A certain extent cost savings.

4, ecological agricultural products, people’s food requirements have been dissatisfied with the original "delicious" level, pollution-free, organic food, green vegetables, has become a new pursuit.

5, the clothing industry, which is regarded as China’s traditional industry, but the potential is still huge, especially women’s clothing and children’s clothing industry, is currently fiery state. However, note that, because the market is relatively mature, the industry brands, competition is very fierce, if you choose to join the clothing brand, must be calm observation, such as the brand development in recent years, the reputation of the brand, how the brand advantage of the brand in the local case, how many stores etc..

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