the internal organs of the body, due to living conditions and dietary factors in many aspects, often there are some problems, but it is different from the clothing products, if dirty, just wash off. However, with the development of science and technology, and now to the large intestine to take a bath, is not impossible, but also by the love of countless people, so to open a large intestine spa, a good business!

the past is a colon hydrotherapy only a few rich and powerful can enjoy the fitness means. Now with the development of technology, more and more European and American manufacturers to develop Gao Jiejing, high efficiency, high enjoyment of colon hydrotherapy instrument, the use of colon hydrotherapy into the clinic and ordinary family hospital, and then become the latest trend, this therapy from a medical fitness technology development become detoxification, keep quite, fitness in one the popular way to enjoy high quality.

Benefit analysis of the ideal

2. to select good equipment. At present, there are dozens of relevant large intestine hydrotherapy equipment on the market. In order to cultivate a good market or to have a good performance in the market competition, it is important to buy a set of good equipment. Otherwise it will fall into the "one can’t make bricks without straw" dilemma, cooperative unqualified products into the market, not only hurt consumers will eventually hurt yourself.

3. to determine the proper positioning. Hydrotherapy should be located in health care or medical treatment from the point of view of its principles and efficacy, positioning in the medical science. But now, many spa equipment into the beauty salon, both investment and a professional therapist, and there is no qualified equipment, and there are many bad business purposes, often the spa is covered with a layer of "shy" veil.

4. to provide quality service. Many bowel care operators believe that as long as the purchase of equipment, to open a small shop can make money

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