set up shop when the boss is the dream of many people, if you want to open a shop Manicure, want to run a Manicure shop to do market research in front of the shop, on the periphery of the customers and competitors to understand. Nail shop market research mainly includes the following two aspects, investors can refer to the operation to practice:

nail shop opened a market research survey:

1, the population and density of the general situation, as well as the level of consumption and consumption habits of the population, in order to estimate the level of customers;

2, the structure of the business district, commercial areas, office areas, residential areas, the distribution of mixed areas, as well as the grade of these areas;

3, the impact of future urban construction plan on business district;

4, the district within the convenient traffic conditions, the main roads and traffic lines;

according to the above four points, nail shop will be able to nail shop customer groups in the future and the number of age groups, the consumption of a preliminary estimate.

nail shop market survey two: competitor survey

1, the competitor’s type, the characteristic, the localization, the price, the main consumer group makes the detailed data investigation, may carry on the on-the-spot investigation personally;

2, the scale of competition, one can be judged according to the appearance of the image, two is the identity of the customer into the store survey;

3, the competitor’s technology and service level, the best way is to enter the store experience;

4, promotional activities, such as when competitors often held promotional activities, the content is what, how to operate;

5, customer level analysis, the size of the nail shop can be roughly estimated from the early investment, and business conditions, store image, service pricing, etc. can determine the level of customers.


industries are facing the pressure of competition, for investors, to successfully operate a Manicure shop, then you should do market research, understanding the potential consumers Manicure consumption characteristics of the city and the region, an accurate positioning Manicure to open shop, and make a survey of competitors, in order to understand baizhanbudai.

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