to ask why the hot pot industry so hot, so hot? Xiao Bian think it is very important, is the simple form of hot pot, as soup he can appear in various forms to meet the needs of different consumers. Variety of hot pot, rice cake is one of the types of hot pot. Well, now the market has a project, is not waiting to make money? Of course not, want to open a good pot shop do not know a little bit of marketing skills, do not know how to run the market is impossible to occupy. The following small series on the need to talk about what needs to be done before the opening of the hot pot restaurant.

restaurant opened before the trial business

1. online promotion

Before the opening of the new store

, it should be carried out WeChat, micro-blog promotion, expand the popularity of the same time, but also to ensure adequate opening after the source. Promotion can be their own home WeChat public number, micro-blog can be a large number of local influence.

at the same time, 10 days before the official opening of the business, WeChat launched the product in favor of forwarding a coupon or discount to store activities, micro-blog launched a discount to the store to send sweepstakes. Three days before the official opening. The date of the event is set within one to two weeks after the official opening.

if the store opened on the day of the event, WeChat, micro-blog, even pushed 3 days.

how to do a good job in front of the opening of the hot pot shop sales promotion

2. line promotion

7 days before the official opening of the new store, the invitation or invitation to Cambodia, sent to nearby businesses, offices, communities and other places. The invitation comes a coupon or $100 worth of free beer coupons.

3. store posters and two-dimensional code layout

in the new store trial business, it is necessary to set up the store’s promotional posters, to indicate preferential activities.

two-dimensional code settings, do not destroy the overall atmosphere of the store, if you can melt into the two-dimensional code in the best decoration. Remember that the two-dimensional code do not mess up, to paste on the high degree of attention in the local.

restaurant officially opened after

A week after the opening of the new

1. store, in order to enhance the atmosphere, should be placed in front of the store, the balloon gate.

2. opened on the same day, the opening ceremony can be held, and synchronized performance activities, and consumer interaction, holding preferential activities.

3. at the same time in WeChat, micro-blog graphic broadcast, but also in the popular now

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