Often there is a group of people

school class, all know playing games do not learn to learn, but very smart is the class teachers and students happy, actually don’t think that learning only good people can have a good future, want to say today is such a addicted game and drop out of school but your own business now worth more than 400 million shocking tales!


"everyone is an independent individual, respect for his life choice is fair"

Cai Liwen was not a good boy in the traditional sense. Primary school grade 6, his first contact with the computer will be fascinated, then, playing computer games. He often wait until midnight, the whole family fell asleep and slipped away to the Internet cafe. Parents wake up, a street full of Internet cafes to find the past. The parents are canned workers laid-off workers, pointing to Cai Liwen good reading, admitted to the university. Play the game is worthless, each caught is a good scolding.

but that was when Cai Liwen began to learn about computers and the industry. He is too fond of the computer, so that the end of the exam, he gave up the focus of high school, vocational school to learn computer. The whole family thought he was broken, but he insisted. "There was only one reason why I wanted to own a computer." Fujian, a vocational school, go in to pay 3600 yuan sponsorship fee, Cai Liwen ran to find the most painful his grandfather for help.

years later, memories of this experience, Cai Liwen said that if the future of his children have different choices, he will support. As long as the moral level does not go on the line, everyone is an independent individual, respect for his life is fair choice."


Internet Update too fast, I found that I can not learn something, just for a diploma

into the vocational school, Cai Liwen than any previous stage are hard. Each time the computer’s book just came down, he taught himself a full year in a few months.

third years to graduate, a Shanghai company said, you come, do software development, a month of 8000 yuan. It was 1999, the whole family do not believe that it is a lie, it is only a few hundred students a month. The company was linked with 5 phone calls, which led Cai Liwen to visit Shanghai with his parents. This time, with special respect to his parents.

, however, only a year, the first time the Internet bubble burst, Cai Liwen’s company closed. Although unemployed, but he still has a very high income every month, many people find him to write procedures, many orders. "At least a month can earn 35 million, more time to have 200 thousand yuan."

comes back from Shanghai

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