in the baking class, puff is one of the products are welcomed by consumers, close run delicious, that is the entrance, convenient carrying, convenient food and so on, a lot of the advantages of the product are countless. Puff in a well-known brand called puff queen, the taste really is called the queen of puff ah.

puff queen bakes the series almost swept the world classic Western delicacy delicious, authentic series puffs, Egg Tart, American doughnuts, Hong Kong Style desserts, desktop tea, Korean meal package…… The main products are 100% of the international raw materials refined, more green, healthy, diverse taste and other prominent features. Such a strong temptation to affect the moment of food consumers desire to buy, sales are rising steadily.

is a puff from Italy’s sweets, since sixteenth Century was introduced to France after the promotion, after a long time, occupy a larger share of the dessert market, now has become a large family dinner dessert finale. The traditional puff is adopted in the fluffy cream wrapper with cream, chocolate and other accessories made after. Romantic French legend: because the cream and cake into the wedding hall, so there is a cream cake, and love butter bread can only bury love in the heart, turned into a puff, when you bite the professional, you will be deeply in love with her.

Compared to

, and the romantic French in Chinese, puff traditional technology and product are displayed in the bakery as auxiliary camp single product sales, although the sales situation is more optimistic, but still unable to break through the traditional ways of making embarrassing situation and selling the types of single and bottle neck technology, market prospect is severely undervalued. Tiancheng food through years of domestic market operation and consumption habits of research, and constantly explore foreign puff production technology, and after repeated research deployment, successful innovation dozens of unique taste puffs.

queen puff dessert join

1) small investment, big returns. Minimum investment of only 16 thousand and 800, a year can get a high return of about 400000. Join the project puff queen is a "micro investment, high return, street fashion stores.

2) fast profit, long-term development, simple operation of the three principles. Simple business, happy venture, easy entrepreneurial amazing R & D team, the rapid pace of commodity exchange rate product line scalability strong, popular and timeliness of good product taste diversification, fool type operation flow.

3) keep up with the trend of the world, only fashion, fashion, with the spread of products. Where is the puff queen, where there is a popular bakery products.

4) unlimited upgrade, once joined, enjoy the new technology, new products, new models

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