in the course of preparation, the purchase is an important link. Especially in the clothing store, the purchase is a live, but where is the key problem, today Xiaobian for everyone here to sum up the purchase of several key points to note:

MM, the original intention of clothing is generally romantic love, think you love shopping, clothing, clothing and so on experience, blindly opened a clothing store. In fact, many died badly clothing shop is all made a novice, the first big: purchase according to their own preferences! What can I say? You love, does not mean that other people love you; love, not love love you, on behalf of the market; it does not mean the location of your shop, shop decoration love you. Incoming goods while all selected good goods, but because the style is messy, looks like a grocery store, good goods to fire 3. Therefore, clothing has to earn all the laity, in their eyes, only the right of their own, is the best. The hardest part is to find out who you are.

siyaomianzi in the wholesale market, is the owner of a compliment a few words, took many colors, many people take? Some MM in their own shop in the wholesale market, qiaosheruhuang, a few "big eyes off," then came down, was originally a few face. This price, finally in the West confused knew handed the money to the. Life is like this, reincarnation ah. Kill people very sober, was killed when confused. Backshish can not count the ways, the wholesale market a few blocks, hundreds and hundreds of pieces, hundreds of dollars for a small shop, but also do not know how much is slobber, flicker with stickers, when a sudden death. There is a line regulation, a knowledgeable person, reasonable bargain will get the respect of others.

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