in China, the sport almost all strengths, but the football field, has been the lack of a good team, led our people out of China, to the world of football, however, though not stop our love of football. At present, the mini European Cup in the perfect ending, below we specifically understand.

Xiamen people’s Stadium refueling sound constantly, Xiamen "I love football" series of activities – "edge 2016" Xiamen Futsal football ushered in the last race day. After fierce competition, LIAN century team won the final championship.

since the start of May 21st, in the 7 match day, 32 teams from the Xiamen various well-known enterprises of the 64 game, grassroots football edge bloom wantonly in Xiamen people’s stadium. This contest is guided by the Xiamen Municipal Sports Bureau, Xiamen daily, Xiamen daily, jointly organized by the Football Association’s Haixi morning news agency joint Xiamen city.

yesterday, the tobacco industry team and the battle of the LIAN century champion has attracted a large number of fans to watch. In the previous game, LIAN century team showed a strong strength, is the champion team in the eyes of many fans. But yesterday’s game, the team won is not easy, the team 3 degrees ahead of the game, was equalized in the 3, the game into the penalty shootout.

The best shooter

this game is from LIAN century team Ke Yifei with 12 ball scores, silver shoe is from Siming health supervision of Lin Yongji and Zhang Junming won the LIAN century, goals are 9 ball.

Haixi morning news agency

, editor in chief Huang Yubin said at the closing ceremony, through a game, Xiamen grassroots players of fair competition, the competitive level and show their good quality, he still live with the players in the next year.

Xiamen grassroots players in the wonderful competition, played a friendship, but also out of the level. I hope in the future, China’s football can continue to develop, there are more and more talented people, to lead our country’s football to the world football.

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