said that 08 years is e-commerce in the domestic positive year, this sentence may need to be considered, but whether you believe it or not, all this is happening, 07 years of domestic online shopping total transaction volume has reached 59 billion 400 million yuan. The report also said that the number of people involved in online shopping in Beijing reached 4 million 490 thousand, an average of online shopping in 2007 spent 1121 yuan to buy things online. At the same time, the National Bureau of statistics released from December 2006 to November 2007, the total retail sales of social consumer goods is 87694 yuan. According to this calculation, online shopping has accounted for 0.68% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods nationwide. This means that e-commerce still has a lot of room for development.

if this is not enough, then please open the Baidu search " " flowers; the word, you will be surprised to find that the first page has been completely " Baidu " promotion; occupy. Many people have started to move, they hope in the network economy has not time to drown the whole world a the soup.

is not the flower industry, many traditional industries are beginning to compete in the Internet, with access to more and more people, show diminishing marginal utility effect is becoming more and more obvious, the first to eat fish, then eat fish, then eat small shrimp, and then eat only mud, some even later also eat mud not on the edge of Born Under A Bad Sign often have resentment, such as the.

but there is a word called houshengkewei, believe that the word is not reconciled to these epigenetic Weakness lends wings to rumours., and they want to get fish. Then take a greedy solution to build a network of some fish become in front of the station. But after the face of powerful Baidu promotion, the webmaster of the epigenetic barehanded following the author will decide on what path to follow? With the difficult course of his site, talk about the new station to survive in an interview snatched from the jaws of death, promotion, is valuable, that’s not good, you forgive me.

1. station name selection,

advertisement in Beijing apparel shopping network ( as an example. First of all we have to do is to determine the site of the regional market or the national market. If you and I and other hundreds of thousands of small owners, no money, no contacts, no charisma, no fans, it is strongly recommended that you select regional markets, and this a lot of seniors agree, where I chose to do. This is Beijing area needs to be pointed out that although the name of Beijing advertising apparel shopping network, but the business is not entirely confined to Beijing, in the Beijing market, there are also foreign orders.

experience I have profound experience, the author of another website Baihua Gu flower delivery network ( at the time of selection is the national market, but has no effect to make, can be said to be a failure. From the past, friends consider.

solve the above problems and then make sure

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