The importance of

website architecture and user experience, believe that the webmaster friends are self-evident, because it can directly reflect your site popularity, for professional SEO practitioners, through SEO technology will attract users to your site, it is a good beginning, can retain users even allow the user to generate orders in you the website, here we need to consider the user experience of the website to you. In summary, the structure of the web site and user experience for site operation of the component is very heavy, so how to build a good website structure and create experience meets the needs of users of the website? This is our every website operators need to pay close attention to the topic, we first look at the structure of the web site.

what is website architecture

?About the website architecture is based on extensive

through the analysis of user needs, understanding and positioning of the target user of the website, and the overall framework of the site planning, website design and content, make the website development process and design in order to maximize the efficiency of resource allocation and management.

how to build a good website structure

, this is a classic website structure, as follows:

divides the structure of the diagram into layers at the same level as (/ root) for the first layer, tools, supplies, and home for the second layer, and so on.

if we compare the tree structure to the subjects we learned at school, then the subject is the first floor, and the subjects include Chinese, maths, English and so on. These are the second layers. For a search engine, it is important to sort out the directory hierarchy at the same level as for users. Good and clear web structures are always what users like best. The most classic web site tree structure can refer to: Baidu know.

below, let’s talk about the importance of user experience

what is user experience,


simply speaking, the user experience is the most direct impact on your web browsing factors. In the website planning and website operation, the user experience is the most important factor, the user experience is good or bad will directly affect your website success.

What are the factors that affect

‘s user experience

1, website brand

is now in the rapid development of the Internet era, all walks of life have emerged a large number of outstanding Internet enterprise websites, these sites also have their own users, for new users, if they want to buy a product on the Internet and so on, they will often come to understand the situation of consulting products through various channels or, when they set themselves to the product, the first thought is probably the product of the brand, it’s like we daily in the store to buy clothes.

The same is true of the

website. A good brand website can help your product

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