station is only four months, may speak of "adhere to the" people joke, but this is four months, according to my wife’s words, people are crazy. A friend asked me if it was worth it.

in May, where the company was acquired by TT, I gave up the opportunity to architect, with fairly good compensation, rest at home, began to do the internet. SP has been doing before, although done a very good SP Technology Forum, but it was 5 years ago, half sold half to a friend, has not been too deep contact with the internet.

then start doing, or do you know this piece of it, wireless development, do their own industry to accumulate information, and this kind of article or find a collection of a lot. The idea is so simple, but later found himself finished, these data on the Internet search a lot, not how the acquisition of the article by search engines modified possibility of very little, oneself also feel this one didn’t do what. It is a change, do mobile phone resources, two considerations, based on a mobile phone: resources tend to combine with the WAP, so you can do a good job in the post, users can unrestricted Internet access; two: this technology itself very well. Based on this idea, you can begin.


domain name, long before there are and, the two is fun when registered, joymo is joy mobile in the blend, the slogan now is " the friction angle of love, love life, wireless " iiwap is also very simple, is the "love WAP", ha ha, it seems their the heart would have this idea.

website, industry specializing in surgery, do not write their own website, buy a CMS, want to change their function. Server buying, hosting. Do, we will do a professional point.

positioning, free mobile phone resource station, do e-books, games, software, themes, pictures and videos. But considering that pictures and videos are too easy to go wrong, PASS drops. The problem is to do things like e-books on the Internet, also my website has innumerable, highlights what? This is a problem. This problem has been solved by a net friend for my EMAIL. I wrote a green software for making mobile books, and he asked me what I was doing. I suddenly came to the inspiration, then do a direct production of mobile Internet e-book platform, through the user’s DIY to generate more mobile resources. And actively upgrade the original mobile phone e-book production software, add a variety of functions for users to download. I will be the angle of "built-in e-book software in the mobile phone terminal, so that users create more e-books," angle "friction will be more deep, promotion will be more in-depth. These two parts are absolutely free and use them to boost popularity. In addition, the enterprise version of the e-book production software alone, this part of the use of fees, to solve part of the site’s income problems.


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