I was in Wuhan City website long names and other personal details will not open from the beginning of April 1st I spent three days to imitate the Tencent.com home style city network just on the line soon because the network especially in stationmaster caused great repercussions have been asked to provide the template download yesterday that April 9th morning at ten o’clock the Tencent Inc lawyer called to our company that we violated the copyright Tencent Inc design from the overall style of advertising icon and Tencent has reached 99% home similar has a serious impact on the vast network of friends of the Tencent VI image memory and recognition of tort requires us to immediately stop using this template if we have not removed within three days the template Tencent Inc will by attorney to the Wuhan city Hongshan District People’s court.

for this thing we feel very do not understand "technology is open you can do something we can also use the same technique and the code to do it even if you like and you can’t judge me just copy your stuff on the China existing law has not been a clear imitation website form due to the infringement of the provisions of the law of things is not very understanding hopes willing to provide relevant information for free consultation to answer lawyer and contact us QQ85975451 we will appreciate I put this thing to say it is the majority of users want to give a judge I support the continued use of the template or not! I forgot to stick the station the address of the http://s.www.wuhanpop.com hope you can give me a


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