Mengniu boss Mr. Niu Gensheng said, a small victory by wisdom, victory by germany. These eight words tell us the essence of being human. We are nothing more than a small station owner who can not do such a magnificent job as Mr. Niu. But when it comes to doing things, we really need to learn from him.

two days ago, I saw in my webmaster QQ group, because someone can not set up a function backstage, in the group open scold, this broken Dai Zhikang make what break procedure, what function all have not. I said, we do not have the right to scold Dai Zhikang, we now use the forum program, Mr. Dai did not ask us for a penny, with this point, we are not qualified to scold him. In other words, you don’t feel good, you can do without him. On the contrary, we should be grateful, thank you, Mr. Dai gave us such a convenient procedure, let us easily build, easy to do webmaster, do what you like to do.

the most annoying person in the world is eating and cursing cooking. Not good, you can not eat, others did not force you to eat, but after eating, turn round and scold others, cooking is not good, it is too unkind.

maybe, you’ll say, you don’t have to wear it, you can use a mesh, or something. What I’m saying is gratitude. No matter who you use, we don’t have to pay a penny to others. People don’t have the obligation to give you programs free of charge. We should be grateful to others. Perhaps you would say that although you are free to use it, the flow and other resources you bring to them are the resources that make them less profitable in the business world. Well, I want to say that even if he’s always making so much money, at least we haven’t paid him a penny. So we should be grateful to him.

of course, DZ still has a lot of imperfections. That’s normal. Everything is better than nothing. Kang Sheng team is man, not God, their development process, but also step by step towards improvement, do not start to do the best in the world, we should be more understanding, more considerate, let us and our network and DZ grow together.

, my third website, the Shaoguan Forum (, has been on the line for less than forty days. As a rule, I should have exchanged more links. In the search for links in the process, I found a lot of others forum procedures (including DZ, SS, DEDE, mobile networks, etc.) built sites, the copyright information removed, some directly removed, and some replaced by their own. I have always looked down upon such behaviour.

like others we eat a meal, we don’t necessarily need to be grateful for, but at least should say thank you. We used other people’s programs. Although Mr. Dai didn’t stare at us, he didn’t insist on what we had to do, but I think we should keep his copyright information. This is not only our affirmation of Lao Dai’s team work, respect for them, but also our conscience, and even moral issues.

of course, D>

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