lead: alternative electricity supplier what is worth buying, not to provide reasonable price, but emotional involvement. Based on pragmatism, plus right brain led electricity supplier will be the future,


almost all winter, Sui Guodong wore the same dark red coat, which he had bought in Qingdao’s foreign trade market 5 years ago, a ski suit that could not be named. He said he knew it at once and that it had a "Advanced Rescue Technology" logo on the clothes that enabled rescuers to detect the location of the clothes. He turned his clothes over and said, "there’s even a special iPod pocket here. How elaborate it is!". Then he added, "it’s only 150 dollars.".

Sui Guodong hate something of poor quality, "we have no time to waste in the repair of things", he said, but he didn’t even love expensive luxury thing, this is not only because he had poor students hard to save money to buy something, in his mind, good stuff should let ordinary people can use.

Sui Guodong is the founder of the electricity supplier website "what is worth buying"?. Has 4 years of business he laughed or shy when you ask what is his ideal, he is not the kind to say I want to make the world a better place for entrepreneurs, he will think of a few seconds, smiled and said, "I hope we can improve the quality of life. "Just as he looked at his quality of life step by step, he was promoted by the electricity supplier.

made his way is "what to buy", this is a not so well defined products: it is certainly not the traditional electricity supplier website, because it does not directly sell things; not just a shopping guide, a price comparison site, because that is not its decision-making dimension; it is not a typical community, because in addition to the users in the comments message outside no other way to communicate.

its form is very simple, and even a bit original — editors publish articles about commodities, user comments, comments — a forum reminiscent of the Internet being immature. "What is worth buying" in the following simple coat There is much fineness in the red coat, just like Sui Guodong’s.

What is worth buying "

" articles are published by the editor’s name though, but most of them are sources of user submissions, many of which are posting thousands of words long, is a professional information about a class of goods. There are hundreds of such submissions, and only a small percentage of them are published. Its conversion rate is very high, often an article recommended a commodity, the goods will soon be robbed of light. Those who bought or didn’t buy it would return to the site and write down their experiences or questions in the rough article area, often with dozens of reviews.

now, when millions of people want to buy something, "what is worth buying" has to attract the attention of other people in the industry. Almost all the leading electricity supplier websites are seeking cooperation, and manufacturers are also very active. What value >

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