do stand more than half a year, there are some harvest, there are some insights, want to write out, and share the following

I do the two real estate website, a customer, one is their own, traffic is not high, an average of around 200, mostly from the search engine, so Baidu has been concerned, the process is very interesting, my name is a station in Shenzhen, a can be found, the first is I, then use this name is that the word no one to do, so I am very easy to do first, then the word is of course not good, no one search, so now I focus on the real estate network in Shenzhen and the two Shenzhen real estate information network keywords keywords, the Shenzhen real estate network I have done about second pages, with a time of three months, not what to say, is to update, updated every day, in addition to jump from page 50 to page seventh, and then slowly rising to stop 14 do not move, for a long time, I do not know why, hope master pointing, between a little twists and turns, then this is the key word row to the 50 page, but a few days back, the days may be Baidu is adjusted, the key property in Shenzhen the information network is I have done Baidu sixth, I feel this may have a relationship with my website title.

said that under the following Baidu on my station included, start receiving more than 100 pages, then slowly rose to more than 300, when suddenly fell, very strange, I think Baidu is to K off my station, check the connection, modify the title and KEYWORD, and slowly began to collect now, only more than 100 pages, although I keep update, but did not see the effect, do not know why, hope master pointing

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