myself according to a year of community operation, the community operation of the most critical three elements called "three carriages", they are: user operation, content operation, interaction.

these three elements, you have me, I have you, each other are inextricably linked, not letter, bear with me.

let’s talk about the "three carriage" user operation first:

(community) user component:

normal community of users by tourists, member (member), moderator (including administrators, supervisors, ultra Edition) (inspector), robots (pure advertising producers) etc..

people and things in the world are not absolute, only relative. Community participants is the same, usually in the tourists also have the robot, now I took the robot into a separate class, so the normal community participants and non participants was a normal community division.

(two) user system analysis and operation tips:


, which accounts for a fairly high percentage of the community, is also a group that we need to expend our energy and wisdom to transform.

operation tips:

1) make good use of community plug-ins, there are a lot of good boot plug-in, DZ applications, such as the A5 community’s bottom boot page, I think it is very user-friendly.

2) to earn some money, reward plug-ins and activities so eye-catching, the prize can be a little better quality, such as building communities can give a domain name / host /QQ members and other activities.

3) visitors can touch in the plate, release more dry goods, high-quality posts.

4) the quality of the core section set private, so that people feel very mysterious, if there are indeed high-quality posts and resources, then it will greatly stimulate the tourists registered as a member of the power.


this kind of community is the middle strength of the community, 90% of the daily volume is produced by them, their existence is the result of long-term management of the community, but also a cultural accumulation, it must be well managed.

according to the degree of activity and the degree of contribution, we can classify them artificially, and can be divided into general members / core members, /VIP members.

average members: they don’t have much daily stickers. They have following, and guidance is very important. When visitors change into general members, we must do a good job of early guidance.

core members: they are the most active people you see in the community, the most active groups, the main contributors to daily stickers, and a little more for rewards.

VIP members: this group >

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