stayed in Admin5 for a long time and found that although there were a lot of articles every day, they were focused on search engine optimization, while Baidu took up most of the space.

natural, Baidu itself in China’s huge flow, to give you the flow of webmaster is also high. So, many stationmaster expresses, the flow of 70% of his website is all come from Baidu. Because of this, sometimes we can see some Baidu K station owners face a tragic, desolate funeral in stationmaster station.

but my guess is that we have not thought about why your website so dependent on Baidu? I said not to this high sounding website should develop their own regular visitors, away from the search engine, this is good, is not too realistic. And we should like to think, Baidu use rate is high, but the YAHOO Google, the flow is considerable, why not give your website traffic? And as everyone knows, for Google, the website included, and included pages, basically is not a problem. Few people are racking their brains for their stations not being included in Google. And even if your site is penalized, Google’s webmaster tools can also be a good solution. Arguably, Google will be really favored by the webmaster.

but the key is the flow, sorry! Google included soon, the collection of pages is also very impressive, but is not able to bring you some traffic, why? Why not go to the Ranking Ranking! Don’t go? All the webmaster for website keyword in their Google search search, look at those in front of you the website in a sentence: I ask the site really than they do, with what I came in front of them


took my personal blog website, because long before the discovery of monkey QQ expression is interesting, in his website hung a, as their own collection, the title is: " Unconvention love – classic QQ download – " expression; you see the title does not contain the key word, because the beginning never thought with it with the flow. However, interested friends can go to Baidu search: "Yo monkey QQ expression download" find my website ranked second. Similar to one of my web pages: utility small software download, you search in Baidu, "utility computer small software", the result ranked second. I’m not a web site, just on the Internet for their own independent to engage in a site, open a blog only, have no intention to participate in these……

, and the two keywords in Google don’t know how many pages you want to turn to before I can see my blog. So what I want to say is that Baidu is doing keyword, as long as the proper method is immediate, but the same thing, you go to Google to try,


is a strange thought based on China, resulting in a considerable part of the phenomenon of the Internet together with Baidu search engine, for example, a large number of young people spend time in the QQ space, are basically limited outlook…… >

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