to get a web site, how to start is a problem, here with some of their own practice, to share how to analyze a web site. The previous angle was only from the point of view of SEO, and it was analyzed from several dimensions in combination with the accumulation of a period of time.

first share a software, most of the SEO compatriots may know that this is the famous "SEOquake", the official website is """. Why introduce him? Because basically all the information will appear here, and give you two screenshots:


, a friend who doesn’t see well, can click here to see the big picture.

see, here are all want to know the data, such as: PR, Alexa, reverse link, the page code, DMOZ and so on, click on the whois information, will directly to: relevant information. Through this software, the website data generally have.

in addition to the general information, there is also one of my personal favorite features, that is, check the Nofollow directly, such as:



see a line? The line was nofollow. Here do notice: in fact, some friends comment the use of a large number of illegal words are a bunch of stone in the background in the comments, if not being displayed, the general is to be deleted or direct plug-in shielding to live, very happy to see your comments, but you seem to do this, there is no any meaning.

of course, as well as import links and export links query, here is no longer mentioned, if you want to know more, you can go to the official site or find relevant articles. But he also has the plug-in under IE, IE6 and IE7 compatible, need to remind is that with him, search results will have similar things appear, and there will be a big blank, ha ha, after all, free of charge. We choose to use.

, these are ways to get our hands on the information quickly, but how do we see the site as a whole after we know it? Below, we need to look at the reputation of this site. Do not think that is very difficult, is actually very easy, such as stone analysis:


only points: there will be "Baidu", find relevant pages about 12600, with 0.066 seconds "


carefully look at the content, if it is normal content, proved that this site is valuable, normal content, then do not have to look at the external links, there must be a high quality links, if it is a lot of

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