today, an old station is my first website to be included, in particular to webmaster nets to celebrate, thank CCTV, thank you MTV, thank Adsense nets give me a platform to speak out, to teach junior master read together, can only share common progress, we will make the Income Fluctuation and have more confidence to continue to insist on doing it! Was too excited to do not know how to open the expression, the first to talk about the history, I stand and I do stand history! Etc.anyway officially entered



I am reading accounting graduate by reading before the computer understand the holy less, so only select a name appears in economic information management good, know that society is so kind that kind of school learning atmosphere so, hey! Can not always be attributed to external factors, its limited exposure to nature! Network in college. So no matter the time. The first motivation is a very simple chat about QQ and beauty video, is my biggest wish, I believe we have a long time not found! What exciting, often hear students say he gave his students a personal homepage, feeling more amazing so I decided to do a certain then, in the online search to find free free homepage, can still access the count is the starting point, thanks to worry free home. The middle class is…… think of what a good class to modify, repeatedly modified N times, Wucongkaozheng! Because I have been using it. To understand the site how to make money is not invested to buy what the domain name space, memory when CN is 20 yuan a, so the basic university things off the


in January 07 will work out, buy a domain name (2007-08-30) and 100 yuan of space, began to come into contact with the industry, in the beginning I was a forum using the movie station, at that time did not know what keywords, what fire will do what IP is reached 4000IP/ days fast for several months, for I had time with free home dozens of IP a day excited, exaggerated, but before really excited, for me, I have so much traffic to listen to a way to put ads smell, I heard that GG is better to apply for GG, that is what all don’t know just write, read a few days to see their results at the same time is in the mail, Ali mother promotion stage, recommended to register a 20, just grow up like a station on the OK, also found that GG has a registered letter Through the letter, when the GG did not feel, immediately in the best position, the most obvious put on the mother and GG advertising, mother’s advertising mother bought her own, third days a look. WOW! Mom $10 when the exchange rate is 8, which brought mother one count, day 80 yuan, plus the mother and mother recommended to register 20, then what taste description does not come out, one is if such a day.

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