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serendipitously venture

is a very lucky thing to be able to make your hobby into a career and become a company with great potential for development. Xiao Yi studied in Germany, just because I want to share their travel experiences, in 2004 opened a small "QiongYou European tourism forum". In a few years, the little tourist forum grew bigger and bigger and became a full-time job. Until 2008, Shaw returned to Beijing official business, made the poor travel network.

poor travel network now is the largest share of community tourism information. There are so many users who share their travel notes on the website, and they also include a lot of travel information, which can be used as a reference for users with the same travel plan. On the basis of their poor travel network forum, travel information into the destination, travel tips and other content channels, and provides poor travel discounts, reservations and other business information services, has become a comprehensive tourism community website.


currently has about 10000000 registered users, about 6000000 users each month. Related mobile App also has nearly 10 million downloads and installations. QiongYou completed the second round of financing in 2013, has become a strategic investment Alibaba.

coincidentally, another domestic and poor travel network travel community – match a hornet’s nest, is also among the two founder Chen Gang, Lv Gang hobby self driving travel under the established tourism forum. The hornet’s nest was established in 2006, the two founders start a maintenance, but working in a Sohu background to bring them a lot of help. Only in 2008, Ma Ma has a certain amount of users, only to start full-time business.

travel mode, or rely on users to share in the forum, tourist information and produce original content of UGC (User Generated Content) model. Through the accumulation and reorganization of these content, and then attract more users. Therefore, the earliest user groups, as well as the accumulation of content in the community, determines the development of the site.

and founder of different cellular Ma QiongYou started background, determines the two company’s operation and development as well as the differences in the accumulation of user groups. Ma cellular content to domestic tourist destination, the tour is more emphasis on outbound information. For this reason, the number of users more cellular Ma; have poor students, especially the proportion of students, and high income groups are more high. In some industry insiders opinion, the poor quality of the content so superior to the hornet’s nest.

travel development from overseas travel, outbound theme, and Chinese in the current market environment, development advantage, grasp the most favorable market segments.

Upstream of

traffic, below the industry chain

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