this Mid-Autumn Festival is a long awaited festival for many workers. It is rare to rest for 6 days and 8 days. But for the webmaster, I believe many people are afraid to leave without authorization. Deep fear of a few days without maintenance, snapshot will stop, ranking will fall, traffic will drop. This is the work of today’s webmaster, but also the state of life, almost a moment can not be separated from the web site. But health is the cost of life, and only the use of all kinds of available resources, work and rest in order to web sites, health double profits. Then, how can we use those methods to ease our work,


do flow analysis

if you have installed site traffic statistics, and look carefully, you will find that the peak time of the website is fixed. Not only is the week, but also the peak, even when the peak period is fixed every day. Of course, according to the industry where the website is different, the peak period and trough period are different. Make good use of this, in the rush hour, you should do a good job in the work of the site, and in the low flow period, you can properly relax yourself. This will not put too much pressure on yourself, and will not have too much impact on your site.

refining team division of labor

believes a lot of individual stationmaster is all powerful. Basic soft text, the chain, program, art, all skills have. But it’s easy to get tired of doing a lot of things at the same time. For example, now you get the program, and a while to send the chain, finish the chain, and write the soft text. When you change jobs, ideas are interrupted and time and energy need to be rearranged. Can cooperate with other webmaster, or you have your own team better. Divide the division of labor, each person does a good job, so that the faster and faster. It also saves everyone’s energy.

let others work for themselves,

in the webmaster’s work, there are many work is simple, repetitive, mechanical behavior. Webmaster should be good at releasing these work, let others replace themselves, and make yourself a master of the whole situation. Now, regardless of the article, the chain, procedures and so on, basically oem. You can give yourself the rest of your trust to do it. Others specialize in this, the general resources are richer than you, and do much faster than you. In this way, they have more time to think and make better website development strategies.

to develop a good management mechanism

mass software is too violent now. A forum early in the morning is "Miss" information, a blog does not go to see for a few hours, it is garbage reviews. Instead of constantly deleting it. It’s better to take the time to work out a better mechanism to put an end to this information. For the forum, but also to develop a good moderator, management rights mechanism, a level one, so that you can division of labor, regulate the site. Avoid wasting too much time all day dealing with these complicated information and transactions.

Good use of

timing tool

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