made a very good friend today, can often see his article in each big website, called small Qian, a nineteen year old Internet commentator, founder of nouveau riche network, and he talked a lot, really learned a lot of things. I believe there are a lot of people do website, then we may wish to listen to the small Qian is how the construction and operation of his information station, in this city only as a narrator, to share their knowledge.

refers to the main station information website, the basic form is Web.1, is one of the most representative one, early Sina to do one thing, is the traditional media news on the Internet for everyone to read, which became the biggest news portal China. Of course, it’s certainly not good to do it again, whether it’s positioning or running.

one, about positioning

Web.1 now has existed for years, so now a lot of people in the information station, feeling can not find a breakthrough, don’t know where to start, and even if you’ve spent a long to do a successful site, people may night can bring you all the contents of this forum is not collected, and as an important forum is a registered user, even if you are not going to collect collection, but ultimately the information station is the content, it is easy to be copied, so if you want to make a success of the station, the difference is very important to segmentation, vertical segmentation, looking for the blue ocean.

1. industry segmentation differentiation

, for example, there are now many do maternal information, so we can go down the subdivision, we can focus on baby care or nursing care of pregnant women do, if there are people we will be divided, husband or father should focus on how to take care of a wife or how to take care of the baby, these are can the.

2. user differentiation

A5, head of the home owners is the leader of the industry Web site, but they still do not fight very successful, this is a life-and-death struggle, different users, because A5 now do the main transaction, and the owners of the house is the main direction of different users, download the source code, is also different.

3. user behavior differentiation

now has a lot of network optimization company website, but why do we A5 marketing can still do very well, we are on the user’s behavior are analyzed, some enterprises have no special optimization personnel, directly to the hosting site, a network company that is good, we do not go to the competition, you rob me, we to the customer is the weight rankings do not good webmaster site, and a certain SEO basis, we gave him a professional diagnosis, let him go to the optimization. This does not have much competition, but also saves customer spending and saves our time.

4. content differentiation

There is no doubt about the core of the

information station

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