recently announced that the beautiful shopping guide website said on its website, Alipay will stop payment. Electric business professionals Gong Wenxiang said in the last year, micro-blog, founder June had its sources, will "finish with Taobao". At micro-blog, Gong Wenxiang for this prediction, the beautiful said, is likely to be announced with Alipay break.

this incident can be traced back to 2011, Taobao for the control of traffic sources, and will be beautiful to say, shopping guide website Commission entrance cut, this scheme, immediately led to the two sites of the same type suffered a serious setback. 2012 beauty said, began to build its own trading platform, and gradually transformed into a platform for electricity providers, began to explore the mode of operation.

it is understood that, in October 25, 2013, has been on the line called excellent shop trading platform. According to the person in charge of said that the current number of its own e-commerce platform settled merchants has more than 2000, the average monthly turnover reached 120 million yuan.

for the entire event, industry analysts said, a simple shopping guide website to make a transition platform, difficult not only lack of rich products, the user viscosity, from online trading system in front of the building, to back shops investment, and attract traffic, custom rules deal to return all disputes, to deliberate, feeling the stones.

data show that in February 2014,’s turnover more than 120 million yuan, has been close to the beginning of 2012, turnover of 160 million yuan in Taobao, although the results is not significant, but has started to pick up late to see.

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