the Jiaxing plant site ( knocked out a word, not copy any content in you have seen after, have little talent and less learning, feel in writing is OK, you clap, if you think this is too small for pediatric, then please criticism one or two. No insult! Please respect other people’s work,


a lot of people have to ask why the factory network is the most suitable for personal operation of the industry website, this article will be for advertising Adsense analysis one or two. This article received yesterday’s article, next to explain the characteristics of the workshop network.

, a small amount of information, and easy to do: dump all know the chicken than sleep late than dogs, day and night to collect updates, a huge amount of data, some owners maintain several stations, it is to the life, the most critical is the collection of content search the engine is not friendly, probably is not included in. Factory network information is small, each information can be manually re edit, change the title ah, plus an area code ah, so that the information into pseudo original, compared to garbage collection will certainly be much better. Small amount of information, for such a person we do alone webmaster naturally a lot easier. For example, the Jiaxing Factory website ( webmaster updates every day, but dozens of, not hard, not tiring.

two, do not talk about traffic, pay attention to quality: I have operated over a number of websites, including game portals, in order to increase traffic, but spent a lot of thought. Every day for how to increase more traffic and distress, day after day to find ways to do the topic, do optimization. The factory network is not traffic, heavy quality, attracted to the factory supply and demand sides can come. Do not pay attention to day IP, for personal Adsense, nature is a lot of pressure.

three, without waiting for him: because the plant network promotion, the tiny audience, promotion of many conventional offline promotion by means of the effect is not good, not as good as the content of the website to wait for Baidu, Google included and Baidu plant effective supply and demand sides, the wait for a fee. Do not promote the site, is not to allow the owners to have more time to rest?.

four, abandon the alliance, the line net income: building special circumstances, we will not see the alliance today look worried they buckle quantity, tomorrow to go with them to complain less money, abandon the Union line charge cost is now from the king. Less worry, more enjoyment, most suitable for our personal webmaster.

five, to avoid the edge, self: do portal, money to the human. Talent, not a lot of recruitment information can not do. Do you still have the chance to do real estate? No news, unless you’re doing a newspaper or TV Editing, no one will. Avoid large portals and avoid popular titles

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