1 basic premise

1, the host or virtual host you are using, supports MS SQL. If you are using a virtual host, you must first know from the hosting provider whether the virtual host you purchased supports MS SQL. Host providers generally tell you when you buy a virtual host, such as the following MS SQL message:

The host IP:218.5.XX.XXX

of the


database name: XXXXXX

database user name: XXXXXX

database password: XXXXX

database space size: XX

if your virtual host supports MS SQL, but you still don’t know the above information, please ask the host provider first.

2, you have to have the Sql enterprise manager in your own computer.

3, Internet access (needless to say).

two, set up chapter

before you start the conversion, you need to prepare as follows:

1, download the latest ACCESS database you will convert from the server. In the MAXZ movie system, if you do not rename the database, the database is datas.asp in the INC directory. After downloading to the local computer, right-click on the datas.asp file name and rename datas.mdb. In this way, the original ACCESS database you want to convert is ready, remember to keep it.

2, in the SQL Enterprise Manager – SQLgreeMGMT folder that you downloaded and extracted, click the Sql green version manager, > GSqlAdmin.exe, SQL manager, and connect to the local SQL server. After starting, as shown:


3, then enter the key configuration program: in the "green version of Sql Manager window menu, click on the" tools "in the window that appears in the" enterprise manager "right-click on the" registered enterprise manager ", click" register – Enterprise Manager: "/p>"


appears as shown in the DOS window:


After the DOS window disappears automatically, the SQL SERVER ENTERPRISE MANAGER:

is started by double clicking the enterprise manager on the left of the


4, >

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