started out as a personal webmaster, from the promotion, website construction site by BBS, QQ, or some other way, more or less will be asked some questions like: the website is how to promote? How the promotion is a way? My website how to do as you like the website, if you IP so much? How to optimize the site and so on?. But these problems we thought, is the most common problem of the webmaster, the most difficult question and most do not want to ask questions. No wonder, often appear "many of my friends asked me.*** problems in the experience of many, now I summarize". Yesterday, I also asked about some problems of website promotion, but the man did not answer the opposite QQ. No answer, of course, and I know what it would be like to answer. It’s like a line in the movie: fairy, genie? Thank you.

station started we did not know that someone gave me the answer is that we see on the website, experience other webmaster left, but why there are so many people to ask again, know the answer to the problem? Now is that we often hear the inert psychological and want to get a shortcut psychological.

what is the psychological inertia? Speaking simple, sometimes when we use the computer, also want to ask someone else now? In fact we can see the time on the computer, but it is too much trouble, want to find a more simple way, of course, this is a kind of inertial method. Also, it is the same in the site, looking for a more convenient, more simple method, that is to directly ask successful webmaster, should be how to do site optimization? How to promote the website promotion website? This word has appeared in our brain when we do the moment: text, post, chain, website content optimization etc.. But who would actually do it well? Just looking online to see if there was a more convenient, easier way to get there. It’s not hard to do web sites now. There are free code, free templates, free plug-ins, server virtual machines, not to worry about security. However, the site erected, and found that the promotion must be manual, and can not save time and effort as before, a moment is really unacceptable. A search online, a thousand million pieces of SEO articles, tutorials, but it can be used directly, it beats a large group of people.

what is the mentality of the shortcut? Website, a lot of experience, experience, are successful cases, I also expressed doubts about this. 10 days IP 3000 January, Baidu keyword ranked first, earn 100$, from the website promotion method and other articles, the content of this popular feeling in full bloom, this promotion is really good, but do not own but repeatedly rebuffed, said ten days IP 3000, is also in March IP no 100 people are. In order to achieve such promotion effect, have to find a successful webmaster to ask exactly what promotion is not published

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