dreams need to be created, and success takes effort.

, Wing Lok three, we sail with our dreams!



‘s brother, our boss, but the basic is a shuaishouzhanggui… I’m busy now, too,

Philip, is me, is often called the boss so, I call it, and my boss is mainly responsible for the website update technology.

Phoenix son, the only professional artist in the team, not only beautiful, but also good graphics, ha ha, although praise a little far fetched…

go into the text:

founder Yongle sinks can be said is my fantastic achievements! Not only drag myself, "even" two good friends, really ashamed ah… Did not expect to operate a website really comparable to the bounds! Yongle exchange from the navigation network in the past I created, built, they do not control, but it was the failure of Noda navigation network has been the stage of history… Who also managed two campus official website, the official website of the basic campus as can be imagined, not, do not check what is included, rankings and so on so many webmaster tangled things! What to do with the SEO optimization, very troublesome thing! In a word, as long as the stable line! But the Yongle exchange is different first! Consider the user experience, to keep visitors, but also very focused on SEO optimization, but also to engage in innovation, original and other important factors! Important factors too much, theoretically I also cannot say, because I know this rookie webmaster is also just a hair ball! Not to mention what professional, such as the great the judge in the United States often said, "although I don’t know what is right, but I know what is not reasonable…" It is very speechless, forgot to say, I’m learning politics, the law or understanding, ha ha, pull away,

updated daily Yongle exchange, every day thinking about how to give users a better experience, every day about SEO with search engine, every day thinking about technology innovation… Although very busy, although very tired, although income are not, but we insist on, have been working hard! Perhaps the success journey is very bumpy, maybe success is far from us, but the Yongle exchange is our dream! On the road, Yongle three of us are walking together, we’ve been trying to


finally, the author doesn’t have to say, the source must say: www.youlerui.com

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