QQ chat room Raiders – video tutorials, most of the friends came here to know, you can hang QQ chat room to get stable traffic

Although the

understand the tutorial is very detailed, there are still a lot of friends for the techniques not to use, because the rule is in the chat room every day to change, which requires us to constantly adjust their technology skills,

below, I will hang myself QQ chat room some of the experience, skills to share with you, will not operate, please see the following video tutorials

, let’s prepare 2 QQ numbers first,

need to use 3 tools: virtual video software (his video not); QQ automatic landers; TenyQQ, 1, we first put the virtual video software installed on the


download – unzip – double click Install – Finish – start virtual video – install video equipment – turn off virtual video

2, OK, here’s the QQ automatic landing shortcut,

download – decompression – double click Open – enter QQ number –QQ enter password select QQ file – point to create desktop –OK

3, followed by setting up TenyQQ,

download – decompression — double click to open in the interface right click – select Add – in accordance with the QQ—- password in the form of the above input operation mode: normal in content — you must reply with sure — at the interface right click – select Save database < / p> auto reply

4, first open TenyQQ, put QQ on the beautiful picture, sexy beauty, beauty self timer, human body art

5, all right, with our QQ automatic landing shortcut landing, that is convenient, we do not have to enter each Q number and password

6, let’s start QQ and get into the exciting moment,

ha ha ~ ~ ~ first not worry, but also to set up the QQ data, and now put URLs in more than two places, 1 is signature, 2 is to verify the problem, where

, I’m using the first way,

7, now I am talking about is a QQ open a chat room, which requires computer configuration is better some of their own (in fact I also 1.7G CPU 512 memory), so that the machine speed is very fast, it’s normal, simply can not open a window (which is a lot of confusion local), many people say that I am also a fast point N times, is just out of a window. Ha ha ~ ~ ~ ~ watch skills, find a more than 50 M file, not too small and not more than 100M, small void, big crash, and then use Notepad to open (a lot of people don’t know how to do, note.

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