Chinese Adsense is paying the most expensive price for long term low end copy copying. Zhuo School of management Zhu Zerong said: "at present, panic, personal web site anxiety webmaster, mainly is not to create, long-term copy, imitate the route of the webmaster."."

Zhu Zerong further pointed out: small and medium-sized sites have suffered blows, there are two main reasons.

is a global financial crisis, countries are actively adopting policies in succession from technology patent and copyright protection of domestic enterprises, in order to build trade barriers, which is the main reason of BT, games, movies, novels, forums, social networking sites such as blocked, the United States, the European Union and other countries to put pressure on the Chinese maximum, and the government will also Chinese Internet copyright protection as the focus of the supervision of copyright, copyright protection is to protect the national economy and national interests of enterprises, especially small businesses, it will not protect copyright by.

two is the issue of corporate social responsibility has become the focus of economic development in recent years, as the game users have 30% primary school students, more than 60% students love playing online casual game, with a lot of "YY stallion, tampering with history plot" novel sites of a large number of readers are middle school students, social networking sites are also boost the formation of some bad social atmosphere. Excessive entertainment, especially for teenagers to excessive entertainment obsessed is the focus of every country to combat, the harm of these sites may only operators have become parents might want to understand, any people do website to first consider the responsibility, this is the way of business orthodoxy.

Zhu Zerong appeal: medium-sized enterprises, small businesses must be separated, the policy department and the whole society should focus on 1-300 small enterprises.

Zhu Zerong is Entrepreneurship and small enterprise theory of authority, the network business, he believes the applicability of entrepreneurship, in China has been shrinking, will be replaced by the rise of heroic venture, he instigated the "EHT800 entrepreneurial hero sea", "millionaire dating", "Small Business Week" the biggest thing is next year with the popular trend.

he said that entrepreneurship is applicable to Kirzner’s theory of ideas, emphasizing imitation, or only slightly improved, as long as that still was not aware of the interests to be reflected is the plot of entrepreneurship. In developing countries, particularly in China and Asia, it has become a major area of adaptive entrepreneurship, or a disaster hit area. The hero in Xiong Bide’s theory of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial ideas, emphasize the destructive and revolutionary, they launched the creative revolution, large family style entrepreneurship is a national innovation main hero, with particular emphasis on entrepreneurial entrepreneurs, native wild entrepreneurial spirit, creativity is the key the government of the United States, the American scholar, and follow the American society is the theory of Xiong Bide.

, according to Zhu Zerong, China’s economy is undergoing an economic transformation, and is now in a period of rapid transformation

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